Zoom & Microsoft OneDrive Canvas Integration Information

October 12, 2022
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LATS has recently updated the Zoom/Canvas Integration as well as added a new integration for Microsoft OneDrive.

The new Zoom integration looks the same as the previous one, but has two new updates:

  • Breakout rooms can now be pre-assigned more easily as a result of the new autocomplete functionality that pulls student names from the Canvas course.  Click here for more information.
  • Professors can connect a Zoom poll to a Canvas assignment allowing Zoom to pass back student answers that can be graded in SpeedGrader. Click here for more information.

The Microsoft OneDrive integration brings Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Office 365 directly into Canvas.

  • Attach Office 365 files including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel from the Rich Content Editor
  • Distribute Office 365 cloud assignments.
  • View and organize your personal and course Microsoft Office files.
  • Create collaborations where course members can work together on shared documents in real time.
  • Integrate Office 365 files with your course modules.

Click here for more information on using Microsoft OneDrive in Canvas.