Canvas Rich Content Editor Updates

February 10, 2023
Rich Content Editor Updates

Instructure will be introducing some exciting Rich Content Editor (RCE) features that will be available beginning on February 15, 2023. We have chosen to highlight a few of them for you here. Please feel free to reach out to Instructure Support with any questions.


Pasting and Drag and Drop Content

Pasting of Content

One of the exciting updates in Canvas is that the RCE supports the pasting of content.

Users will be able to copy and paste an image from a browser or photo viewing app in the RCE. Also, users can copy an image, audio, or video file from a file system directory viewer such as the macOS Finder or Windows File Explorer and paste it in the RCE.

Drag and Drop Content

Additionally, users will be able to drag a file from the local filesystem and drop it in the RCE. If a course or group requires usage rights, when pasting a file in the RCE, the File Upload modal displays to select usage rights before uploading and displaying in the RCE.

When dragging and dropping an image from the web, an HTML IMG tag referencing the file at its location on the web is inserted into the RCE.

This may or may not display the image for other users depending on the public visibility of the source image.

To find out more, feel free to look at the RCE Pasting and Drag and Drop content release notes here and the product blog (with screencast demo) here.


Word Count Status Bar

Another update coming to Canvas is the word count status bar. This update provides users fast access to view a detailed view of the word count.

To find out more, feel free to look at the RCE Word Count Status Bar release notes here.


Single Click Toolbar Buttons

This update in the Canvas RCE allows toolbar buttons like Superscript, Links, Images, Media, Documents and more to open with a single click.

To find out more, feel free to look at the RCE Single Click Toolbar Buttons release notes here.


Other Noteworthy Features

There have been other Rich Content Editor features and updates that have been released over the past few months. Some of these include icons for external links and download file links, focus ring around content match link color, raw and pretty HTML editor links to button updates, and retain replaced image style, height and width.

To find out more about these features and updates, feel free to look at the features and release notes here.