Getting Started with Online Learning Consortium

September 13, 2023

OLC is here to support you with resources to help with your online teaching and learning goals and objectives.  You already have a membership through Baylor University - all you need to do is explore the possibilities.

Top 4 Action Items:

  1. Create your own OLC User Account/Profile - ensures member benefits are available to you.
  2. Sign up to receive OLC Today (weekly newsletter) - this is our best means of communicating what's new in the world of online learning and education.  
  3. Explore our Home Page and check out free resources available to you (download from our Tools Faculty Playbook or Communities of Practice in Higher Education playbook, sign up to watch OLC Webinars (live or recordings), explore the OLC Research Center.
  4. Rejuvenate: Take time to refuel - commit to a higher level of learning and involvement. Explore OLC Online Teaching Certificate Programs to advance your career.