Microsoft DAD Service: A Free Resource for Students

February 27, 2023
Microsoft DAD graphic with line drawings of students

College students who use Microsoft products such as Windows and Office may encounter challenges or difficulties with accessibility features, compatibility with assistive technology, or compliance with accessibility standards. To help them overcome these challenges and get the most out of their learning experience, Microsoft offers a free service called DAD, which stands for Disability Answer Desk.

DAD is a global service that provides support for college students with disabilities who use Microsoft products for their personal use. DAD can assist with product issues such as setting up Narrator or Magnifier on Windows 10, using Dictate or Immersive Reader on Office 365, or adjusting the controller settings on Xbox One. DAD can also answer accessibility questions such as how to create accessible documents or presentations, how to use keyboard shortcuts or touch gestures, or how to access online courses or resources. Additionally, DAD can help with assistive technology support such as connecting a braille display or a speech recognition device.

To access DAD, students can visit and choose their preferred contact method. They can call a toll-free number, chat online, schedule a call back, submit an online form, or contact through videophone if they use American Sign Language (ASL).

DAD is part of Microsoft’s commitment to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. By providing accessible support for students with disabilities, Microsoft hopes to enable them to enjoy and benefit from Microsoft products and services. For more information about Microsoft’s accessibility vision and initiatives , visit