New Quizzes Enhancements

October 1, 2023

New Quizzes adds efficient design, robust reporting, and engaging, technology-enhanced item types to your assessment efforts. As Instructure moves toward New Quizzes becoming the native quizzing engine within the Canvas LMS, we want to build awareness of the world-class quizzing features that New Quizzes provides.

So, what are the benefits of New Quizzes?

  • Migration Capabilities between Classic and New Quizzes
  • Blueprint Course Compatibility/Locking
  • Student Quiz Accommodations for the whole course (not just quiz by quiz!)
  • Intuitive Design
  • Stimulus, Ordering, and Hot Spot Question Types
  • Shuffle Answers by Question
  • Build on Last Attempt (in production Sept 16)
  • Printing Quizzes
  • Require Waiting Period Between Attempts
  • And more!

When the build on last attempt feature is enabled, students can only view questions marked with incorrect answers, all other questions are hidden. Students can reattempt incorrectly answered questions until the answer is marked correct in SpeedGrader or they run out of attempts. Students who get all questions correct will not have the option to reattempt.

Review this and all the latest enhancements to New Quizzes in the Canvas Community.