New Zoom Meeting Join Flow

April 22, 2023
Screenshot of Zoom's new meeting join flow

The New Meeting Join Flow will be enabled on 5/20/2023 and streamlines the user experience of joining a meeting. Currently, users see up to three separate dialogue windows during the join flow: Please wait for the host to join, the video preview window, and the Waiting Room. Among these improvements, the functionality of the first “waiting for host” window is combined with the third Waiting Room window. Any Waiting Room customizations remain set and available through the settings page in the web portal.

In order to experience the new flow:

  • Meeting participants must be on desktop client version 5.12.0 or higher.
  • The desktop client setting Always show video preview dialog when joining a video meeting must be enabled.
  • Must be joining the meeting as a participant, not as host.
  • The meeting must be scheduled with Participant videos set to ON.

Any participants using an older desktop client version, will still experience the old meeting join flow.

In addition, hosts will be able to customize their waiting rooms after enabling them, allowing them to update the meeting title, and add a logo image and description or a video instead of the default screen.