Submit Assignment on Behalf of Student

April 10, 2023
Teacher using laptop with Canvas

Canvas has recently introduced a new feature that allows instructors to submit assignments on behalf of their students. This feature can be useful in situations where students have technical difficulties, accessibility issues, or other special circumstances that prevent them from submitting their work online.

To use this feature, instructors need to enable the “Online” setting for their assignments and choose the types of submissions they want to accept (such as text entries, website URLs, media recordings, file uploads, etc.) Then, they can go to the Gradebook and click on the cell corresponding to the student and the assignment they want to submit for. A menu will appear with an option to “Submit Assignment.” Instructors can then pick a file from their computer and upload it as a submission for that student.

Please note that this feature should not be used with Turnitin assignments in Canvas. According to the Turnitin Usage Guidelines, Baylor's Office of General Counsel requires students to submit their own work to Turnitin as opposed to submission by instructors.

To learn more about this new feature in Canvas, visit the Submit Assignment on Behalf of Students user guide or screencast.